Our Core VPN Tribe is hiring a Senior Software Engineer

We’re looking for engineers passionate about building cross-platform networking features for our privacy and security super app. We need an engineer that can bring the latest evolutions in the domain to our teams in order to deliver industry-leading VPN performance and features. You won’t be silo’ed just to one of our client app platforms. You’ll have access to and be encouraged to commit to any repo across the company. We’ll expect you to grow your skills in any direction that both fits your interests and the needs of the business, and over time you can rotate through various cross-functional teams.


What you’ll be doing

  • Write high quality, well architected, modular code which is easy to read and maintain.
  • Ensure your code and the application as a whole have excellent automated test coverage.
  • Ensure the app has a clean, simple and robust architecture to enable various teams to easily contribute code for the long term.
  • Ensure the build and test pipelines are fast and stable.
  • Provide high quality code reviews for your team and other contributors to the code base.
  • Lead by example and provide guidance and mentorship to other developers.
  • Provide technical insights to the Product Manager.
  • Undertake spikes, prototyping and R&D work to investigate feasibility, de-risk complex projects and cut through uncertainty.
  • Write clear and comprehensive tech designs and test plans, and ensure work is broken down into bite sized chunks and accurately sized.


3 best things about this role

  1. The people. We like to think that you’ll find them open and friendly, skilled and motivated, and unified by our mission to protect the privacy and security of millions of customers worldwide.
  2. Impact. Deliver with both high pace and great quality. You don’t need to convince people here to invest in good engineering practices.
  3. Skill growth. We cover a broad range of engineering specialties: many aspects of high-scale cloud applications, 7 client-side operating systems, firmware, bare-metal servers for which we compile the OS (see TrustedServer), our own open-source VPN protocol Lightway, etc. No matter what your background, you’re going to find someone from whom you can learn here.


What you’ll need to succeed 

  • Proven track record working in Rust, C++, or C.
  • Proficiency with IP networking, including both low-level sockets programming and high-level application layer programming.
  • Excellent at writing automated tests, ideally following TDD practices.
  • Experienced with agile software development practices such as Scrum or Kanban.
  • Experienced at helping other team members be more productive, and to grow.
  • Good communication skills, spoken and written.
  • Logical mindset and great problem solver.

Nice skills to have for this job – we’ll train you if needed!

  • Experience with platform-native networking internals on one or many platforms, including Android, Apple, Windows, or Linux
  • Computer security: public key infrastructure, cryptography, and secure coding practices. 

About Us

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