The Talent Acquisition Team is accountable for:

  • The number of successful hires over time, where a successful hire is defined as someone who receives a positive performance evaluation 12 months after joining the company.
  • The cost per hire, though we’re very open to using agencies in return for a lower time-to-fill.
  • The value of our employer brand, as measured by the awareness and perceived attractiveness of our brand among relevant talent pools.
  • The satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders. This includes managers designing their organizations, determining their needs for talent, writing job descriptions, creating assessment plans, and assessing candidates. Candidates who should receive a positive brand impression each and every time. Interviewers who need smooth logistics, clear objectives, training, feedback, and guidance on processes.

To deliver the results described above, we:

  • Together with business leaders and managers: define the company’s needs for talent globally across several offices and remote locations. We play an advisory role to hiring-managers, helping them create better organizational designs, define their needs for talent more clearly and realistically, write more effective job descriptions, and create more efficient assessment plans.
  • Source talent across all channels. Our priorities are speed and quality of hiring, and we aggressively use recruiting agencies where applicable.
  • Assess talent. For some assessments we are responsible directly ourselves. For others we guide hiring-managers and interviewers through making accurate and efficient decisions.
  • Design and operate all processes related to talent acquisition. Including but not limited to: processes for describing organizational designs and hiring plans, prioritizing open positions, managing job descriptions, sourcing and assessing candidates, scheduling, making decisions, making offers, closing candidates, and transitioning to onboarding.
  • Own the relationships with candidates.
  • Train all internal stakeholders in recruiting-themed skills.
  • Build our employer brand through defining requirements for all recruiting-themed public communications. Some we execute ourselves. For others we engage the help of design, engineering, and marketing teams.

Our industry and business are growing very quickly. We have excellent product-market fit, a long list of expansion plans, and must dramatically grow the size of all teams.

This Position

As leader of the team described above, you will be responsible for:

  1. Hiring and growing the Talent Acquisition team globally.
  2. Managing the people on the TA team. Define roles and responsibilities, motivate, provide resources and training, hold people accountable to delivering within your expectations.
  3. Deciding the relative priority of all open positions across the company.
  4. Designing, implementing and running all talent acquisition processes.
  5. Envisioning our employer brand. Drive projects to realize your vision.
  6. Delivering training to raise recruiting-related skill-levels across the organization.
  7. Sourcing and managing relationships with senior candidates.
  8. Maintaining the leveling systems for all roles in talent acquisition.
  9. Defining and tracking your team’s quarterly OKRs.
  10. Designing offer packages.
  11. Financial budgeting for talent acquisition.
  12. Mentoring the leaders of our talent acquisition teams in the customer support function.

Your success will be measured by the results delivered by your team, as described in the team section above.

Qualified Candidates

To do well in this position, you must have:

  • A talent for leading people. You set clear expectations. You inspire, coach, mentor and teach as necessary, and hold people accountable to delivering as expected. 
  • Several years of experience managing people-managers in talent acquisition. You will likely build a team to 10+ in-house talent acquisition professionals, so some or all of your direct reports will be managers.
  • World-class headhunting skills. You’re able to source and assess world-class senior talent across several functions. You’ll need these skills because for some key positions you might choose to source candidates yourself, and you’ll need to assess these skills in interviews and train and guide your team.
  • Been responsible for growing an employer brand.
  • A talent for designing and running effective and efficient processes.
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills.

What we offer

  • Challenging work in a fun and collaborative environment
  • Attractive compensation
  • Spacious open-concept and centrally located offices
  • Full-time employment with flexible working hours
  • Fully stocked pantry with breakfast foods, fresh fruit and snacks
  • Frequent team lunches and company events
  • Multicultural teams represented by 30+ nationalities
  • Travel between Hong Kong and Singapore required, at a schedule set by this position, roughly once per quarter.

Note: Please upload your resume as a PDF and do not include any salary or compensation information in it.

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