Location: Hong Kong, Singapore

We’re a fast-growing SAAS tech company providing privacy and security protections to consumers around the world. We build and operate services that are easy to use, fast, and secure. We’ve been in business for more than 11 years, we’re highly profitable, growing, and actively hiring.

Some highlights:

  • Large customer base worldwide, which brings many challenges and opportunities. We have millions of users who rely on our service 24/7/365 for a broad range of use-cases. Excellence in operations is therefore core to our business.
  • Successful business in a fast-growing industry. We are a leader in a fragmented market and are growing quickly both because the industry is expanding and because we are gaining market share. We have sufficient financial resources to tackle large challenges for the long term.
  • Highly skilled team using efficient processes.
  • Meritocratic culture with fast decision-making.

About the Marketing Attribution and Customer Engagement Tribe

Our team supports all of the platforms and services that enable the Marketing Tribe to engage with customers, whether they be future, past or present. The team’s customers are:

  1. The Marketing Tribe; a group of over 100 marketing professionals in all disciplines, from SEO, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, TV and Radio
  2. Affiliates and Partners; A diverse set of external users that rely on us to be reliable, helpful and trustworthy partners  We’re able to deliver insights that help them grow their own business as well as ours.

We are accountable for delivering:

    • Web products and services to acquire, retain, and regain customers.
    • Tools and services for customer relationship management, enabling marketers to communicate with customers across all apps and media.
    • Tools and services for content management for our website and other media.
    • Sales attribution tools and services.
    • Services for customer support agents. We provide them with tools for interacting with our customer database (aka our “Backend UI”)
    • Split testing services to allow continuous improvements across all our communications and marketing activities. They rely on us for appropriately anonymized data.
  • Mission critical data processing that enables the Marketing tribe to increase their budgets with confidence and make sure our partners are reliably rewarded for their efforts.

Our responsibilities include:

  1. Working with other engineering teams to build and operate a reliable compute platform built using Kubernetes.
  2. Provide a fast and easy to use on-ramp for development teams to spin up new server based applications and web services with pre-configured CI/CD processes baked in.
  3. Support engineering teams in reducing cost by providing tools to scale applications easily, use more optimized compute resources and cut down network traffic.
  4. Building libraries/modules and reference implementations to allow other engineering teams to easily observe the health of their systems.
  5. Guarding user privacy. Help audit applications to help ensure our customers privacy is respected at all times.
  6. Partnering with other teams on projects to build data engineering solutions such as for churn-prediction, payment fraud management, and other company-wide challenges.

Other notes about our team:

  • Our tech stack currently is mostly Kubernetes, MySQL RDS, AWS Lambda, Ruby On Rails, and we imagine it will evolve significantly over time.
  • We intend to have a range of engineering roles on the team, covering people with backgrounds in software development, infrastructure operations, and data science.

Role responsibilities

This is a newly created position to become the leader of this team. The company’s data pipelines and responsible engineers are currently spread across multiple teams. Your joining the company will mark the beginning of a dedicated data engineering team to support processing the enormous amount of data we collect through all of our marketing properties. Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Create the hiring plan for your team world-wide, design plans for assessing candidates, work with our recruiting-team to source and test candidates, hire and onboard new staff. We’re currently very much under-staffed. You need to grow the team significantly.
  2. Be the people leader for all members of the team. You hire, train, motivate, assign responsibilities, and hold people accountable. You will compare actual versus expected deliverables at high frequencies, and exchange actionable feedback.
  3. Articulate a strategic vision for a secure Kubernetes platform, helping define best practices for delivering and observing reliable software applications
  4. Design processes, document them very clearly, measuring their metrics, and improving them.
  5. Be able to perform many of the duties of your team members. Be able to lead by example and be a credible advisor for all roles on your team.

Role requirements

  • Be excellent at Platform Engineering
    • Have a deep understanding of how to successfully operate a production grade Kubernetes platform.
    • Knowledge in infrastructure as code using Python, Ruby or Go and toolsets such as Ansible, Cloudformation and Terraform.
    • Experience building services on cloud infrastructure and cloud native technologies
    • Understand best practices in logging, metrics and tracing including observability stacks such as Prometheus/Grafana and Tick.
    • Good understanding of best security practices such as:
      • Threat modeling.
      • Secrets management.
  • Enjoy managing people and be very good at it. That means
    • you’ve had several direct reports for at least two years.
    • you’ve demonstrated the ability to develop a team including hiring, coaching and mentoring of team members
  • Have experience in agile development practices
  • Requirements gathering and solution architecture. That means
    • you’ve worked with multiple stakeholders to draw out requirements and define use cases
    • you have a proven ability to assess uses cases and requirements, then design suitable solution architectures
  • Strong English written and verbal communication skills.

What we can offer you

  • Challenging work in a fun and collaborative environment
  • Attractive compensation and time-off benefits
  • Spacious open-concept and centrally located offices
  • Financially successful and profitable company
  • Full-time employment with flexible working hours
  • Fully stocked pantry with healthy foods and fresh fruit
  • Team lunches and company events every quarter
  • Multicultural teams represented by 30+ nationalities

Note: Please upload your resume as a PDF and do not include any salary or compensation information in it.

About Us

For more than 11 years, we’ve paved the way towards a more private and secure digital world. We’re a global SaaS company and an industry leader in cybersecurity. Millions of consumers worldwide use our internet privacy and security products every day.

Our team of over 800 employees spans the planet. Team members work from major international hubs like London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Taiwan, Poznań, and more.

We’re profitable, and we’re growing. Right now, we’re hiring talent across all functions: software development and engineering, product, data analytics, marketing, content, and people.

We’d love you to join us and be part of the team.