About our company

We envision a digital world that’s private and secure. Our industry-leading cybersecurity products empower millions of individuals to take control of their privacy and security online.

Our SaaS business is very successful. We’ve been at this for over a decade, and we’re still growing fast in a rapidly expanding industry. We have the resources to tackle large challenges for the long term and are always innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

Now we need you.

We’re a skilled team with 800 people all over the world. Our processes are efficient, we make decisions based on data, our culture is meritocratic, and we offer ample opportunity for career growth. We’re bright, diverse, and experienced, and we love challenges. Now we’re looking for talent across all functions to join us as we strive to become the very best in our industry.

Sounds like the place for you? Come be part of our mission.

Responsibilities of the CTO

You will have full ownership over all technology functions in this exciting senior leadership role. 

What you’ll do:

  • Lead the development and delivery of all products and services as the company expands its product portfolio.
  • Guide and decide on all processes for the engineering organization, including the software development life cycle, type of technologies used, and overall prioritization of work and projects.
  • Grow our team significantly by hiring highly talented engineering, quality assurance, product, and operations professionals. 
  • Nurture talent by providing skill and career development to team members and training them to become exceptional technical leads and people managers.
  • Ensure mitigation of relevant security, privacy, and business continuity risks.
  • Manage the budget for the entire technology organization.

Desired skills and experience

To succeed in this role, you:

  • Must have led teams:
    • Of at least 50 engineers
    • That build native apps for two or more platforms as well as cloud-based systems
    • With high levels of automated test coverage
    • And at least a reasonable level of security
    • And operate 24/7/365
  • Must have these abilities:
    • Extremely sharp logic and communication skills.
    • Vision. You see how you’d like customers, teams, technology, and competitors to relate years into the future.
    • Leadership. You define goals and strategies, design organizations, hire, motivate, assess and manage.
    • Learning. You quickly acquire and understand new skills and knowledge and apply them to your work.
  • Will benefit from these skills and background:
    • Deep interest in and understanding of privacy and security issues affecting consumers online, and opinions and visions for how they might evolve over time.
    • Excellent project management skills. You run efficient projects and have metrics to prove it.

Note: Please do not include salary information on your resume