We’re hiring an Operations Infrastructure Lead

We operate thousands of servers in 160 VPN locations in 94 countries; can you help us grow that number? We’re looking for an experienced infrastructure professional to not only build, grow, and train a team of capacity planners, vendor managers, and pricing specialists, but also develop a vision for the next version of our infrastructure in order to deliver an even faster and more reliable experience to our global customers.

You’ll work on global deals to secure bandwidth allocations, plan tech refreshes across the world, and provide infrastructure as a service to our internal customers spanning a wide range of infrastructure resources. If you’re a people manager and get excited by things like 10Gbps NICs, peering links, subsea cables, and IXPs, then we’ve got just the role for you!


What you’ll be doing

As a Lead of our Operations Infrastructure team, you will be responsible for:

  • Managing, hiring and growing a group of 4-6 infrastructure specialists covering areas such as capacity planning, pricing management and data center/vendor management. You’ll be accountable for our spend on infrastructure and providing them with valuable management and mentoring.
  • Supporting your team in providing infrastructure as a service to internal customers by giving advice, delivering technical reviews, elaborating negotiations strategies, and more.
  • Leading project teams to execute specific operational changes and deployments.
  • Writing and driving OKRs that improve our infrastructure capabilities, reliability, and optimize our spend.
  • Generating presentations and reports that provide valuable insights to the rest of the business.
  • Mentoring and coaching infrastructure specialists to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to be successful.
  • Being the resident expert in one or more areas related to infrastructure in order to provide in-depth analysis, escalation support, and insights into infrastructure operations and issues.
  • Ensuring that we maintain optimum capacity levels to operate our services, and planning/executing to meet those requirements.
  • Managing and negotiating contracts with providers of data centers, hardware, IP addresses, ISP connections, peering links, payment gateways, and more.
  • Leveraging our purchasing power and economies of scale to get the best possible prices and drive down the total cost of ownership and operational costs.
  • Defining quality for all types of providers, evaluating providers against our definitions, and selecting the best providers that meet our standards.
  • Staying within acceptable risk levels as defined in our datacenter, infrastructure provider, and server security risk categorization system.
  • Being aware of and documenting the market players, pricing, and influences to ensure our services remain competitive with the best mix of quality and cost.
  • Managing positive and healthy vendor relationships to ensure vendors have a positive partnering experience.
  • Planning our annual spend by creating logical and realistic budgets based on capacity predictions and usage forecasts.

What you’ll need to succeed 

  • You’ve managed a team of at least two to three people, with responsibility for things like performance reviews, 1:1s, mentoring, career plans, etc.
  • A background in one or more of the following areas:
    • Data center management, capacity planning, or capacity engineering
    • IT purchasing, contracts management, or similar
  • Advanced-to-Expert-level knowledge in:
    • Procurement of technical services and hardware
    • Contract negotiation
    • Vendor management
    • Planning, scheduling, and coordinating hardware upgrades, rollouts, and replacements
    • Data manipulation and basic data analysis
    • Project management
  • Background in or knowledge of the datacenter industry, especially when it comes to colocation and hardware leasing.
  • Experience with procurement of services like ISPs, ISP peering, bandwidth, AWS instances, payment gateways, and IP addresses.
  • An understanding of financial modelling, predictions, and similar methodologies
  • Good verbal communication in English
  • Solid English writing/documentation skills


Nice skills to have, but not required 

  • Financial modelling basics
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Data center networking basics
  • ISP Peering Marketplace knowledge
  • IPs and geo-location knowledge


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