We’re hiring a Group Product Manager

Product Managers at Network Guard lead cross-functional teams by contributing:

  1. Clear definitions of our current and desired end-users, insights about their needs, and how well we’re meeting those needs.
  2. Insights on our industry and competitors.
  3. Visions for what the company can build to better meet the needs of our users and the business, and to compete more effectively. Deliver product visions both at a multi-year strategic level, as well as guide detailed story-refinement sessions with teams.
  4. Coordination of delivery, typically using Kanban or Scrum principles.

Product Managers decide what we deliver to users and live with the consequences of those decisions: they are accountable for the business results delivered by the teams they lead and the areas of the product that they own. Typically product managers own metrics around user satisfaction and engagement, while product marketers own metrics around revenue.

We have several open positions for people-managers of product managers. Managers of individual contributors we generally call “Group Product Manager”.

  • Locations: at offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Poznan. Management positions must be at an office.
  • Domains: You’ll own KPIs related to the success of the product. There are a lot of options and many open positions. Examples include:

    • Product lines, such as our core VPN offering and our router product, as well as various additional value-propositions into which we’re expanding. We’re looking to become a super-app protecting consumers from a broad range of threats to their privacy and security.
    • Cross-cutting areas such as payments, identity, onboarding, data governance, marketing attribution, content management, tools for communicating with customers, internal tooling, and more.

Please get in touch, let’s speak and see what role is best for you to start.

What you’ll be doing

You’ll get:

  1. Tough challenges and a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Competent engineers providing horsepower to execute on your roadmap. For example, ever since our founding in 2009, engineers write automated tests, and test-coverage is good enough to confidently deploy many times per day. Read a bit about Network Guard Trusted Server, Lightway and other technical innovations, and you’ll get a sense that ExpressVPN is blessed with a very high caliber of engineers.
  3. Many options for career growth. Our industry is growing, our business is growing, and we have many uncovered areas that need product managers.
  4. Design your part of the product management organization. Create roles with clear accountabilities. Align with your “tribe leadership team”, the managers of other functions like engineering, design, product marketing, data analysis, operations, etc. to form teams that are relatively self-sufficient and empowered to accomplish their OKRs.
  5. Learning from colleagues: We try to keep our hiring-bar very high and like to think that we have assembled a very diverse set of friendly, curious and open-minded people who are very good at what they do and are keen to share. Consistently year over year, our engagement surveys show that the strongest reason why people at ExpressVPN like working here is their colleagues.


3 best things about this role

  1. Generating meaningful impact: Protect security, privacy, and online freedoms, and do so at a huge scale for millions of active paying customers world-wide.
  2. Empowerment and Autonomy: As a product manager, you and only you will own your KPIs. State what resources you need to succeed, get the right team(s) assembled, then lead them to determine a roadmap and deliver very iteratively.
  3. Building the product management organization and managing your direct reports: Put the right people into the right roles. Hire product managers. Define expectations, measure results, guide career and skill growth, and hold people accountable.

What you’ll need to succeed 

  • At least 2 years of being the people-manager of product managers. 
  • Some experience in hiring. You should have done dozens of interviews and been a key contributor to several hiring-decisions.
  • High skill-level in leading cross-functional teams using agile principles. You slice stories small enough so your team delivers many of them per month. At Network Guard we’d expect you to slice them so a team delivers several stories to customers per week. If your current company only ships a few times per year, going straight into a people-management position at Network Guard probably isn’t the right role for now. Better to start as an individual contributor and upskill in agile delivery first. 
  • Extensive experience in split testing or A/B testing.



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