Join us as our Group Product Manager of Payments and User Platform!

This is a new role and a terrific leadership opportunity. You’ll hire and lead a group of product managers covering our two most critical business domains: our payments system and customer database platform. 

Your ultimate goal will be to improve our rate of successful payments.  

Role Responsibilities

  • Create the hiring plan for your team worldwide. We’re currently under-staffed. You’ll need to grow the team significantly.
  • Create your headcount budget, structure your teams and align them with partner teams, design plans for assessing candidates, work with our recruiting-team to source and test candidates, and hire and onboard new staff. 
  • Lead your direct reports. Hire, train, motivate, assign responsibilities, and hold people accountable.
  • Define the customer and their needs, and track how well we meet those needs.
  • Envision what we should build and operate. Understand our industry, user needs, business strategy, and competitors.   Describe your visions as clearly defined requirements covering user experience, business logic, capacity, performance, security, privacy, availability, internationalization, the metrics needed to judge operational health, and more. 
  • You’ll get support from specialists like designers, data analysts, engineers, operations analysts, marketers, and other roles.
  • Coordinate across organizational boundaries and ensure that “what we should build and operate” is very clearly defined.
  • Articulate business value and influence prioritization decisions. Prioritization decisions are typically made by consensus of 3 people: the product manager, development leads, and quality assurance. The results of those decisions are articulated in our roadmap, which you’ll make sure stakeholders can understand.
  • Project management. Tweak and operate processes to ensure clear expected results, well articulated priorities that align with business needs, properly managed dependencies, clear timelines and status updates, and excellent stakeholder management
  • Define how to measure the health of operations of your services. Review those metrics on a sufficiently frequent basis, and ensure that health-levels meet business needs.
  • Manage stakeholders, including external partners, as well as internal teams, like customer support, marketing, and operations.
  • Be the “oil in the machine.” Spot problems no matter where they lie, and make sure they’re fixed, either by yourself or others.

What Your Team Will Do

Your team is responsible for a broad range of areas related to how our customers pay us. Here are some things you will do:

  • Decide which payment methods we should offer our customers through our website and apps.Determine how we should present these visually to maximize the rate of successful signups.
  • Manage relationships with payment providers. Identify and select new providers worldwide. Make sure that customers anywhere in the world can pay us using the payment methods that are most convenient for them and serve the business with reliable rebill rates and reasonable transaction costs.
  • Decide which payment providers to use in our backend to process payments. 
  • Define business logic and user experience for all scenarios involving requesting and processing both one-time and recurring payments and payment results. Account for a large number of failure and edge-cases. Do this across all touch-points: web, email, and apps for both customers and operations teams.
  • Mitigate risks from payment fraud through well designed user experiences and automated and manual fraud-detection systems and processes. 

Role Requirements

  • Proven experience in hiring and growing product managers. Envision the team structure needed to meet your business objectives, define your needs to recruiters, assess candidates objectively, make hiring decisions, onboard, then put people into appropriate roles, set expectations, give them the tools to succeed, hold them accountable, and guide their career and skill development.
  • Very strong verbal and written communication skills. You can quickly ask questions to get to the core of an issue. You listen actively to understand the needs of many different types of people, from salespeople at payment providers to backend engineers. You express yourself crisply verbally, in writing, and in pictures. People understand you and are persuaded.
  • Proven experience as an effective project manager. You identify and manage dependencies, you insist on tickets having very clear definitions of “done”, you lead by example in writing very clear tickets, you influence stakeholders to make efficient triage decisions, you keep work-in-progress-counts to reasonable minimums, your backlogs are well-sorted, and your stakeholders know what’s coming next. Most people on your team feel that the project-management process serves them well.
  • Proven experience in defining requirements and shipping. Internal and external customers enjoy using the software products or services that you’ve spec’ed.
  • Very useful but not absolutely required: you’re able to read code in high-level languages like Ruby. There is a large amount of existing business logic. It’s well-tested with automated tests expressed in Ruby. You should be able to read and understand those.
  • Nice to have: Experience in payments

What we offer

  • Challenging work in a fun and collaborative environment
  • Attractive compensation and time-off benefits
  • Spacious open-concept and centrally located offices
  • Financially successful and profitable company
  • Full-time employment with flexible working hours
  • Fully stocked pantry with healthy foods and fresh fruit
  • Team lunches and company events every quarter
  • Multicultural teams represented by 30+ nationalities

Note: Please upload your resume as a PDF and do not include any salary or compensation information in it.

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