About Product Management at Network Guard

Product Managers at Network Guard are embedded in cross-functional teams, providing a leadership role in defining what we should deliver to users and coordinating delivery. Product managers contribute to their teams:

  1. Clear definitions of our current and desired end-users, insights about their needs, and how well we’re meeting those needs.
  2. Insights on our industry and competitors.
  3. Visions for what the company can build to better meet the needs of our users and the business, and to compete more effectively. Deliver product visions both at a multi-year strategic level, as well as guide detailed story-refinement sessions with teams.
  4. Coordination of delivery, typically using Kanban or Scrum principles.

They decide what we deliver to users and live with the consequences of those decisions: they are accountable for the business results delivered by the teams they lead and the areas of the product that they own. Typically product managers own metrics around user satisfaction and engagement, while product marketers own metrics around revenue and profit-contribution. PMs deftly balance the big picture—delivering product visions at a multi-year strategic level—against quotidian detailed stories and specs for features.

Why be a PM at Network Guard?

You’ll get:

  1. Meaningful impact: Protect security, privacy, and online freedoms, and do so at a huge scale for millions of active paying customers world-wide.
  2. Tough challenges and a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Learning from colleagues. We try to keep our hiring-bar very high and like to think that we have assembled a very diverse set of friendly, curious and open people who are very good at what they do and are keen to share. Consistently year over year, our engagement surveys show that the strongest reason why people at Network Guard like working here is their colleagues.
  4. Empowerment. As a product manager, you and only you will own your KPIs. State what resources you need to succeed, get the right team(s) assembled, then lead them to determine a roadmap and deliver very iteratively.
  5. Competent engineers providing horsepower to execute on your roadmap. For example, ever since our founding in 2009, engineers write automated tests, and test-coverage is good enough to confidently deploy many times per day. Read a bit about our technical innovations, and you’ll get a sense that Network Guard is blessed with a very high caliber of engineers.
  6. Many options for career growth. Our industry is growing, our business is growing, and we have many uncovered areas that need product managers.

Director-level positions are manager of managers. Your responsibilities include:

  • Design your part of the product management organization. Create roles with clear accountabilities. Align with the managers of other functions like engineering, design, product marketing, data analysis, operations, etc. to form teams that are relatively self-sufficient and empowered to accomplish their OKRs.
  • Build the product management organization. Put the right people into the right roles. Hire and promote managers of product managers. We’re currently very much under-staffed. You’ll need to create your headcount budget, design plans for assessing candidates, and work closely with our recruiting-team to source candidates.
  • Manage your direct reports. You define expectations, measure results, guide career and skill growth, and hold people accountable.
  • Articulate a strategic vision for the company’s products and services, including for our expansion into new value propositions.

Desired Skills and Experience for Director-level Candidates

To succeed in this role, you:

Must have this experience:

  • Led product management for a large-scale consumer product or service.
  • Several years of experience in managing managers.

Must have these abilities:

  • You lead products with long-term strategic road maps and elegant high-velocity weekly execution.
  • You lead people: expertly structuring your team, hiring, motivating and managing.
  • Extremely sharp logic and communication skills.

Will benefit from these skills and background:

  • Deep interest in and understanding of privacy and security issues affecting consumers online, and opinions and visions for how they will evolve over time.
  • Enough technical understanding to be able to envision *what* we can build to address user needs in privacy and security.
  • Excellent project management skills. You run efficient projects and have metrics to prove it.
  • You’ve written many specs that effectively define what an engineering team should deliver and operate. While it might have been a long time since you’ve written specs yourself, you know what a good spec looks like and can coach others in this skillset.

Note: Please upload your resume as a PDF and do not include any salary or compensation information in it.

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