We’re looking for an experienced leader who knows how to build and direct a team of marketing writers. You’re part motivator, part visionary, part coach, and part taskmaster. But above all, you know how to recognize and produce good copy that promotes a product, builds confidence in a brand, and inspires people to buy, subscribe, engage, and renew. Let’s get to work.

  1. Plan/create/edit/optimize all types of content, including sales landing pages, marketing and account emails, in-app messages and push notifications, user interface texts, external communications, ad copy, audio and video scripts, and marketing collateral for business partners.
  2. Manage a team of in-house content strategists, remote writers, and/or freelance contributors and hold them accountable for delivery, quality, and performance
  3. With help from our dedicated Talent Acquisition department, grow your team through recruiting the best and brightest writers and content planners from around the world
  4. Alongside your peer managers and under the direction of the Group Manager, Content, constantly drive action items for our writing teams
    • Create processes to update hero content
    • Ensure campaign calendars are adhered to and deliver maximum business benefit
  5. Present written content about technically complex topics in a way that’s clear, compelling, and accessible for average consumers
  6. Write briefs and work tickets for copywriters and freelancers
  7. Analyze website usage statistics and deliver reports that inform future content strategy
  8. Deliver world-class content by working across teams (PR, SEO, advertising, bloggers, product managers, affiliates) to source and manage various landing page and optimization projects
    • You’ll have a great vantage point to understand the entire picture and plan effectively

Your success metrics include

  • Sales and web traffic generated by your content
  • Conversion rates of your landing pages, EDM, and other sales copy
  • Customer retention and reclamation rates
  • Quality and speed of project delivery
  • Number and quality of the content producers you are able to recruit and retain

Ideal skills and experience

  1. Proven work experience as a manager of marketing writers
  2. Experience implementing large-scale content projects
  3. An ability to recognize and onboard talent at all experience levels
  4. Knowledge of web traffic metrics with experience improving website conversion rates
  5. An understanding of the principles and tools of customer relationship management, especially direct communications like emails and in-app messages
  6. Familiarity with on-page SEO (writing for search) and keyword research tools
  7. Excellent writing skills in English
  8. Good organizational and time-management skills
  9. Firm grasp of business value: Given 50 possible topics/assignments, be able to prioritize the ones that will have the largest impact
  10. Confident presentation skills
  11. Incredible people skills, at ease persuading stakeholders and mentoring junior staff
  12. Intermediate knowledge of Google Analytics
  13. Basic technical knowledge of HTML and web publishing
  14. A willingness to embrace change and to adapt strategies on the fly
  15. Ability to give constructive feedback and help other writers craft industry-leading copy
  16. Adaptability in writing style, able to effectively target a wide range of audiences
  17. Vision to outline/conceptualize an entire piece, including text, images, videos, and any other additional multimedia material

Optional skills and experience

  1. Interest in internet security, privacy, and tech (general)
  2. Hands-on expertise with WordPress, Contentful, or another CMS
  3. UX copywriting skills and/or experience with usability testing
  4. Some understanding of technical SEO techniques
  5. Agile project management

Note: Please do not include any salary or compensation information on your resume

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