If you’re obsessed with shifting the conversion needle, not afraid to learn from failure, and have a natural ability to empathize with customers, we would love to talk to you. This role will stretch your creative thinking, power of analysis, and leadership potential. You’ll evangelize world-class design and grow our conversion mindset across the entire business. Your design solutions and split test ideas will be seen by hundreds of millions of web visitors each year. Are you ready to help us win? 


About the team

We believe good design is as much about empathy, behavior, and emotion as it is about utility and ease. We’re guided by a highly iterative user- and conversion-centric design process that combines research, data, and thoughtful critique. We are never satisfied with the status quo.

Our UX, web and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) design function works across our main website and other owned channels, as well as on partner websites to optimize funnels for sales and retention. We’re scaling this function rapidly, and we’d like a UX & CRO Design Manager who wants to be part of an industry-leading vision.

We craft delightful experiences that empower people to make their digital lives more private and secure.



As the manager, your team will be:

  • Designing and delivering CRO, UX, and UI solutions to optimize our main website and partner websites, and drive conversions across the sales funnel. Your contributions will be critical to meet our business, end-user, and branding needs.
    • Your expertise will drive the ideation and testing for team leads and business partners across the company.
    • Specifically, you’ll drive solutions with Pay Per Click (PPC), Product Marketing, Social Media, and SEO teams to optimize sales funnels for hundreds of campaigns across web, mobile, and emails.
  • Conceiving of ideas and hypotheses for A/B tests to improve conversion funnels and user-engagement.
  • Drawing on the expertise of our in-house data analysts to understand retention, acquisition, and sales drivers and drop-off points in order to create well-informed design solutions.
  • Defining and maintaining the UX and UI patterns across our web platforms using our internal design system.
  • Using the ExpressVPN’s visual identity, and recommending where/how it needs to adapt to suit our conversion goals.
  • Running ideation and design thinking workshops to drive and support our discovery processes.
  • Partnering with UX Researchers to understand the needs, behaviors, motivations, pain points, and opportunities for our customers.

Your team’s success metrics will include:

  • Sales and retention uplift attributed to your conversion rate optimization solutions.
  • Ratio of winning split tests across all web funnels your team touches. 
  • Contributions towards conversion rates from free trial to paid users.
  • Consistency of user experience in partnership with other design functions.
  • Speed of delivery. Your team will propel the design that keeps several other teams charging towards their end goals in revenue growth and customer retention.  

As manager of the team, you will:

  • Evangelize our UX and CRO vision and ensure excellence and continuous improvement across all funnels coming through the web.
  • People-manage other conversion and UX designers. 
    • Set goals and track progress, manage performance, assign responsibilities, coach, train, motivate, and hold the team accountable for delivering the expected results.
    • You’ll manage several talented individual contributors.
  • Make hiring decisions as you recruit world-class talent to scale your design team.
  • Design, enforce, and improve processes for your team.
  • Foster a culture of creativity, efficiency, and learning from failure. Train your team and others across the company as needed.
  • Independently navigate stakeholders, and reframe business problems as design problems to promote collaboration.
  • Promote a brand that consumers trust and recognize.
  • Manage your team’s work in conjunction with our internal project managers and product owners.
  • Be responsible for the quality of all output from your team, by seeking early feedback from, and providing visibility to major stakeholders where necessary.
  • Lead by example, demonstrating your mastery of UX design craft and CRO best practice.



Please get in touch if you have the following skills or experience. We’re excited to tell you more about this role and our company.

  • Extensive and proven design experience shipping quality UX and UI resulting in high-impact-to-conversion rates.
  • Demonstrated track record of leading and managing people, preferably designers 
    • Must have experience with interviewing candidates and making hire/no-hire decisions, performance management, conducting peer design reviews, and creating skill development plans for your direct reports.
  • An outstanding portfolio showcasing world-class designs, including a foundation in typography, interaction, and visual design that reflects best practices and industry trends.
  • Excellent design skills with expert knowledge of branding, prototyping, interaction design, UI design, UX writing, UX research, and information architecture for digital products.
  • Strong experience with split (A/B) testing.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Strong communicator with excellent command of the English language.
  • You’re great at leading people from diverse backgrounds and cultures toward a singular goal or vision.
  • Able to take direction and execute projects; you deliver impeccable projects on deadline.
  • Great organizational and project management skills. You can define a vision and see in your head how it should be implemented.
  • You are confident but willing to learn. You give and receive constructive criticism well. We want to learn with you, and from you.
  • Based in Singapore (preferred), London or Hong Kong, and willing to travel between the locations when required, post-pandemic.


  • User research experience: Planning, recruiting, conducting, and reporting on user research.
  • Experience hiring senior/lead UX designers
  • Expertise in customer experience design
  • Comfortable communicating with developers on technical topics

Profile of an ideal candidate

  1. You ideate quickly and naturally. You see losses as learning opportunities instead of failures. You’ll try things 5, 10, 100 times if needed, iterating and perfecting through testing along the way.
  2. You’re a great coach. You’re able to balance nurturing with demanding speed and quality.
  3. You’re a master of your craft. You can confidently assess current strengths and weaknesses combined with overall business strategy and turn that into a long-term experience design vision.
  4. You excel at and enjoy stakeholder management. You’re excited to work with colleagues across functions to bring out everyone’s best thinking, and you can communicate your vision for the future in a way that inspires your colleagues to join you. And when senior stakeholders disagree, you’re eager to collaborate to forge the best outcome. 
  5. You have held a design leadership role but you more often get hands-on. You’re comfortable creating design solutions or delegating to others. 
  6. You believe in the power of a strong brand identity.
  7. You’re data-driven. You understand what drives sales and increases customer acquisition and retention and create design solutions accordingly. 
  8. You have an intuitive understanding of how people think and make decisions.
  9. You pride yourself on being organized and can deliver on tight deadlines.
  10. You demand excellence, have great attention to detail, and take pride in the quality of your work.


Note: Please upload your resume as a PDF and do not include any salary or compensation information in it.

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