We’re looking for a talented Japanese Content Strategist to join our dynamic and diverse team of marketers, engineers, and designers. You will work closely with SEO strategists and UX specialists to plan, draft, and execute eye-catching Japanese landing pages that will consistently outrank those of our competitors. We’re not just out to convert; we aim to provide the best, most authoritative content for every query.    

Our website serves more than 200 million visitors a year—in 18 languages and counting—with a huge potential for growth in non-English markets. This is a fantastic opportunity to cover topics ranging from sports, to streaming, to cybersecurity.


  1. Write and optimize content for landing pages—for search, sales, or both
  2. Help plan the look and feel of those pages, including images and other media, with the help of our in-house video and graphics experts
  3. Convey sometimes technically complex topics in a way that is clear, compelling, and accessible for average consumers
  4. Deliver world-class content in collaboration with cross-functional teams, including PR, SEO, advertising, bloggers, product managers, and affiliates
  5. Make sure our marketing message is consistent across all channels
  6. Edit and provide feedback on work written by other team members and freelancers

Your success metrics include

  • Sales and web traffic generated by the content you touch
  • Search-engine rankings of our Japanese content
  • Conversion rates of your landing pages and sales copy
  • Quality and speed of project delivery

Ideal skills and experience  

  1. You are a native Japanese content marketer with superb writing skills
  2. Experience creating great landing pages, with a solid understanding of SEO techniques and tools
  3. Ability to take technical concepts and make them easy for laypeople to understand with clear, concise, and accurate writing
  4. Comfortable working independently, with good organizational and time-management skills
  5. Experience using WordPress, Contentful, or another content management system
  6. Knowledge of web traffic metrics and experience using Google Analytics
  7. An excellent understanding of English (spoken and written). You’ll need to communicate effectively with marketers, developers, and product managers from diverse backgrounds..

Optional skills and experience

  1. Interest in internet security, privacy, and tech (general)
  2. Experience in any of the following areas:
    1. Writing about tech topics
    2. Growing followers and engagement on social media
    3. Creating SEO optimized content for Yahoo
    4. Email marketing or customer lifecycle communications


Note: Please upload your resume as a PDF and do not include any salary or compensation information in it.

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