About Our Company

For more than 10 years, we’ve been paving the way to a more private and secure digital world. We’re an international SaaS company and a leader in the cybersecurity industry. Millions of consumers worldwide use our internet privacy and security products every day.

Our team of over 800 employees works from all around the globe. We have team members in major cities like London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, Toronto, Perth, and more. And we’re just getting started.

We’re profitable and growing. We’re hiring talent across all functions: software development and engineering, product, data analytics, marketing, content, and people. Join us today and be part of our mission.

Design and manage our modern IT Infrastructure & Operations

A message from the VP of IT & Security

Are you excited about the latest evolutions in IT service management and delivery?  Do you look at manual processes and immediately think about the best way to automate them?  Are you ready to ditch legacy IT models and technologies and immerse yourself in the new frontiers of BeyondCorp-style IT operations with near 100% cloud adoption, Infrastructure as Code, context-aware identity, and more?  Can you create and execute a plan while guiding and teaching your teams to build and implement it?

I’m looking for someone that’s as comfortable leading and planning as they are on the console. We’re building a next-generation IT organization that supports our employees in doing their work effectively and efficiently, while providing high-quality information, analytics, and indicators to our security teams to support the protection of not only our internal users, but also our customers.  If this sounds like a worthwhile and fun challenge, then you shouldn’t hesitate to apply.


  • Rare challenges and opportunities from our large global customer base.
  • Successful global business, leader in a fast-growing industry. 
  • Highly skilled team using best-practice engineering processes.
  • Meritocratic culture with fast decision-making.


You’ll lead our global team providing IT for employees. You will:

  • Lead by example by being able to perform most of the duties of your team members.  We’re looking for a practitioner that is passionate about the latest technologies and wants to build modern and automated cloud-based IT services for our colleagues. 
  • Manage all members of the team. You hire, train, motivate, assign responsibilities, and hold the team accountable to reach agreed-upon goals.
    • The current team, which reports to you, consists of:
      • 3 IT engineers in Hong Kong
      • 3 IT engineers in the Philippines. (We’re also looking to hire a lead for that team who would report to you.)
    • By the end of 2020, we want to double the size of the team.
  • Implement the hiring plan for your team across the APAC region. Partner with our recruiting teams to interview, hire and onboard new staff.
  • Articulate and drive a vision of what the IT function should do to best support the needs of the business.
  • Design processes, documenting them very clearly, measuring their metrics, and improving them
  • Coordinate with other teams, especially HR, Facilities, Finance, and Security.

Responsibilities of your team:

  • Operate SaaS services, including but not limited to Okta, GSuite, Slack, 1Password, and Jira.
  • Implement Infrastructure as Code and many more IT automation efforts utilizing CI/CD concepts from DevOps/DevSecOps.
  • Procure and manage all hardware used by employees worldwide.
  • Define and enforce IT policies, coordinating closely with our Security Team.
  • Operate IT infrastructure: Office networks, shared machines, 24/7 virtual desktops, DaaS, VC solutions, MDM and endpoint protection tools. 
  • Provide technical support to employees on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebooks, VMs, Amazon WorkSpaces, BYOD, and more…
  • Train employees in efficient and secure use of IT systems.

The team’s success metrics are:

  • Productivity of the workforce, as measured by surveys and meeting SLA targets for helpdesk tickets.
  • Security of the workforce, as measured by passing regular security penetration tests that show that:
    • It is sufficiently difficult to hack the organization.
    • Compromises get detected and contained within the expected time periods.
    • The potential damage from any individual compromise falls within limits defined in a threat model.
  • Operating costs, as measured by an annual financial budget.
  • Risk levels, as measured by simulating the impact of a disaster and testing disaster-preparedness plans.


  • Several years of experience managing people and their output, assigning responsibilities, setting performance expectations, reviews, and holding people accountable.
  • Strong English verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Experience configuring and managing SaaS offerings such as G Suite, Okta, 1Password or similar services.
  • Excellent at creating, documenting, and running processes.
  • Deep understanding of modern ways to manage IT Infrastructure through Infrastructure as Code using various platforms such as Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, and Chef, as well as how these tools are implemented into a CI/CD pipeline for IT.
  • Understanding of the zero-trust IT model.
  • Experience in defining IT policies for a mostly cloud-based workforce with minimal on-premise infrastructure.
  • Strong understanding of security concepts, including public/private keys, certificates, hashing, and encryption.
  • A strong desire to safeguard the privacy of our internal users.


  • Experience administering G Suite or a similar service.
  • Experience administering Okta or a similar identity-management service.
  • Experience in operating Amazon WorkSpaces virtual desktops.

What we offer

  • Challenging work in a fun and collaborative environment
  • Attractive compensation and time-off benefits
  • Spacious open-concept and centrally located offices
  • Full-time employment with flexible working hours
  • Fully stocked pantry with fresh fruit and snacks
  • Team lunches and company events every quarter
  • Multicultural teams represented by 30+ nationalities
  • Reports directly to the VP of IT and Security


Note: Please do not include any salary or compensation information on your resume