Responsibilities of this specific position – Engineers for Web UI Applications

You’d join one and potentially rotate through teams that build web UIs and browser extensions.

  • Use Javascript, Vue.js, and fully automated CI/CD.
  • Agile development practices. That means “master is always ready to ship”, “branches are at most a few days old”, and “you ship several stories per week.”
  • Be a champion of the browser space. Be up to date on the latest developments in browser technology, enabling us to avoid unexpected problems with our extensions and also to allow us to plan new features and products strategically.
  • Configure and manage build systems.
  • Operate test pipelines.
  • Be accountable for all aspects of quality, including but not limited to ensuring our UI looks great on all major browsers and operating systems, security, privacy, performance, reliability, etc.
  • Maintain velocity: Ultimately measured by how quickly we can deliver value to customers.

The applications are all fully localized, support dark mode, and have a high degree of automated testing.

Requirements for this specific role

Please get in touch if you have the following skills or experience:

  • Expert in Javascript (ES6+), HTML and CSS
  • Proven track record shipping a successful application of at least one of the following types: Chrome or Firefox browser extension, a cross-platform application built with web technologies such as Electron, or creating high-quality web apps.
  • Expert in at least one modern Javascript-based web frontend framework such as React or Vue.js.
  • Expert in writing automated tests, including unit tests, functional tests, and UI tests.
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors, e.g., SCSS, SASS.
  • Good knowledge of Javascript design patterns and coding standards.

What do I need to succeed?

To fit into our company:

  1. Be honest, most importantly with yourself.
  2. Be curious. Improve yourself constantly.
  3. Be open and value positive relationships with your colleagues.

Sounds interesting. What’s next?

Let’s talk. Tell us what you’re looking for in your dream job, then let’s see what role would be a great fit for you.

The steps are:

  1. Get in touch using the form below.
  2. Our engineering hiring-team will look at your profile and make a decision on whether to engage with you. If you write us a cover-letter, we will respond with a personal note regardless of our decision.
  3. An in-house recruiter will set up a time to speak with you on video and prepare you for our interview process.
  4. Our interviews are then composed of:
    1. a screening call with an engineering manager
    2. usually about 4 interviews with other engineers
    3. either a homework problem-solving exercise or a live pair-programming exercise.
  5. Then offer, including meet-and-greets with more colleagues.
  6. As soon as feasible: reference checks with former managers and maybe other colleagues. Your hiring-manager will perform these calls, and we’ll expect you to make the introductions. We realize that we might only be able to speak with your current manager after you’ve accepted our offer and resigned from your current position.

Thanks for your time, we look forward to hearing from you!

Please upload your resume as a PDF and do not include any compensation information.

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