Location: LON/POZ/HK/SG/Remote (+/- 4 hours from Singapore or London)

We’re looking for a Engineering Managers for embedded systems

We’re looking or Engineering Managers, Tech Leads, and Dev Leads with experience in managing development and engineering teams that focus on embedded systems.  Specifically, we produces a consumer router product that our customers can use as their gateway our amazing VPN service for the whole house, without device limits!  You’d help lead and guide the technical work and innovation required to continue to improve this product and it’s capabilities for our customers.  

What You’ll Do

As an Engineering Manager you’ll assume technical ownership of one or more components that make up our router product. A technical owner drives the progression, usability, and health of the technical component or system. As a technical owner you’ll:

  • Facilitate the creation of technology roadmap and architecture documentation
  • Coordinate the acquisition of required resources (people, budget, or other) with the respective leadership teams and tribes
  • Negotiate the prioritization of technical backlogs
  • Ensure the component or system meets operational requirements (such as service level agreements and an appropriate threat model)
  • Ensure the component or system is in a healthy and usable state and coordinates the effort when it is not

In some cases, based on your career goals, Engineering Managers can also be people-managers.  As a people manager you’d also split your time between being a technical owner or contributor on a team, plus being the people-manager for a few engineers.

As a technical owners of our router,  you’ll coordinate a team of software engineers specialized in developing firmware. 

You will:

  • Ensure your team has the capacity and skills to meet the needs of the Router Product Owner.
  • Ensure boundaries between components of the router tech stack are well delineated – avoid monolithic stacks which require unnecessarily broad skill sets for developers.
  • Ensure your custom firmware can be safely and securely installed onto a wide range of routers.
  • Ensure your application can be shipped to customers at least every 2 weeks.
  • Ensure your code has excellent test coverage with a strong affinity for automated testing.
  • Ensure we never ship sev1/sev2 regressions, in particular regressions which lead to users bricking their routers.
  • Ensure your software meets a high security bar – never ship P1/P2 security bugs.
  • Ensure projects have well defined requirements, technical designs, threat models and test plans.
  • Define and measure metrics for the performance of your product, set SLAs and ensure you meet them: router bandwidth, network stability, ability to get and stay connected
  • Own your team’s SDL processes and ensure they are simple and efficient
  • Help hire engineers, especially those who could work on firmware.
  • Define roles and expectations, train your team and hold them accountable in meeting the highest standards.

To succeed in this role, we’d love for you to have experience in some or all of the following:

  • Experienced at setting goals, tracking progress towards goals and managing large projects
  • Deep understanding in C and C++ development, or able to lead teams that develop in those languages
  • Experienced with testing frameworks such as CMocka, GTest/Gmock
  • Experienced at building user space applications in a *nix environment.
  • Experience with cross-compiling code, compiler toolchains and common tools in the GNU toolchain.
  • Intermediate experience in IP networking, including both low-level sockets programming and high-level application layer programming.
  • Excellent at writing test plans and writing automated tests.
  • Passion for writing well-architected, readable code and maintainable code
  • Great verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong sense of ownership, great problem solver, hunger for learning and positive disposition.

Nice to have (but not required)

  • Experience in consumer routers or any relevant embedded systems


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