About this role

Since 2009, our company’s mission has been to build a safer digital world through an industry-leading combination of hardware, software, and human ingenuity. We already reach millions of users around the world with our consumer SaaS marketing technology, and as we rapidly scale our teams and products, we are looking for a VP of Engineering Developer Platforms to help set a new engineering roadmap, then take the lead in delivery and operations. We’ll provide the financial support to hire great people, along with the offices and culture to retain them. 

Based in one of our global offices (including London, Singapore, or Hong Kong) and reporting directly to the company co-founder, you have demonstrable experience getting hundreds (or even thousands) of engineers to work together to put a product to market.

Our Engineering teams build and operate tools and services for both internal and external customers to ensure seamless functionality and useability. Our Developer Platforms, in particular, drive the services that underpin everything the other engineers throughout our company do, providing:

  • Services for user accounting, authentication, and authorization
  • Tools and services to build, test, release, and monitor our native apps
  • Data platform tools and services to enable the safe, reliable, and cost-efficient ingestion and processing of data and making them available to analysts.

You are experienced with client-side apps and technologies, and passionate about guiding the skill development of other engineers. You needn’t be the best engineer yourself—in fact, it’s great if you’re a generalist who’s touched lots of different tech over the course of your career—but you should be an outstanding manager who is excited to make a global impact. This role offers a brilliant opportunity to be at the forefront of security technologies (even if you’re not an expert yet, you will learn plenty). 

Role Responsibilities

In addition to the points above, our Engineer Developer platforms are responsible for:

  • Providing the Customer support team tools for interacting with our customer database.
  • Providing the Data Analytics team appropriately anonymized data.
  • Providing Marketing and Sales teams with:
    • Functionality in our end-user-facing products and services to acquire, retain, and regain customers and collect payments.
    • Tools and services for customer relationship management, enabling marketers to communicate with customers across all apps and media.
    • Tools and services for content management for our website and other media.
    • Sales attribution tools and services.

Desired Skills

You have worked on at least one client OS (including Windows or Mac). You should have a minimum of 10 years’ experience (but ideally 20+), and are comfortable navigating an organization with lots of people. You won’t write (or even teach) code yourself, but have a knack for hiring and managing people to put them in the right positions to succeed.

Success Metrics

We are accountable for:

  • The quality of the tech, products and services that we build and operate
  • The velocity of delivering projects contributing to the accomplishment of business objectives. Those are typically owned by product managers and expressed as OKRs
  • Satisfaction of our internal customers
  • Compliance with our brand guidelines
  • Compliance with our privacy policy
  • Operating within acceptable risk levels
  • Operating within budget

Nice skills to have, but not required (if any)

Experience with any of the following:

  • Leading large teams building native apps for 2+ platforms and cloud-based systems
  • Automated test coverage
  • Microservices architecture
  • Agile coaching or scaling
  • Scaled scrum
  • Developing both client-side and cloud-operated software

About Us

For more than 11 years, we’ve paved the way towards a more private and secure digital world. We’re a global SaaS company and an industry leader in cybersecurity. Millions of consumers worldwide use our internet privacy and security products every day.

Our team of over 800 employees spans the planet. Team members work from major international hubs like London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Taiwan, Poznań, and more.

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