We’re looking for a Senior International Content Manager

Our industry-leading web presence attracts millions of viewers a month and has allowed us to build an active customer base in 180+ countries. But to become the world’s most respected tech company in the eyes of search engines, we’re going to need the same robust capabilities in all the languages we serve, not just English. That’s where you come in.  

The Senior International Content Manager will lead our International Content chapter, designed to go beyond translation from English—something we already do very well—and into something new: content written for other languages, first. You’ll build a team of content managers with their own strategists, all charged with attracting viewers, and sales, at a global scale. 

This is an excellent opportunity to join a fast-paced and growing industry and work on digital content that will be read all around the world.

You will be responsible for:

  1. Building a team to drive content strategy for 16 non-English markets. The initial focus will be sales-oriented landing pages, later growing to include long-form blog articles and content for third-party sites. 
  2. People-manage the chapter, driving non-English production and holding content strategists accountable for delivery, quality, and performance. 
  3. Grow your team through recruiting the best and brightest writers and content planners from around the world.
  4. Present technically complex topics in a way that’s clear, compelling, on-brand, and accessible for average consumers.
  5. Write briefs and work tickets for copywriters and freelancers.
  6. Be the backbone across the languages and markets you support. Uphold high quality bars and implement processes that ensure world-class delivery.
  7. Analyze website usage statistics and deliver reports that inform future content strategy.
  8. Deliver top-notch content by working across teams (PR, SEO, advertising, bloggers, product managers, affiliates) to source and manage various landing page and optimization projects.
    • You’ll have a great vantage point to understand the entire picture and plan effectively. 

Your success metrics include:

  • Sales and web traffic generated by your content
  • Conversion rates of your landing pages and sales copy
  • Satisfaction scores of internal (and later) external customers
  • Quality and speed of project delivery
  • Number and quality of the content strategists you are able to recruit, train and retain

Ideal skills and experience:  

  1. Proven work experience as a Content Manager (2+ years as a Content Manager and/or 5+ years as a Writer or Editor)
  2. 2+ years of experience managing a content team, including recruiting and training talent at all experience levels 
  3. Experience implementing large-scale content projects catering to users from multiple non-English markets 
  4. Native proficiency in a language other than English.
  5. Firm grasp of business value: Given 50 possible topics/assignments, be able to prioritize the ones that will have the largest impact
  6. Knowledge of web traffic metrics with experience improving website conversion rates
  7. Familiarity with on-page SEO (writing for search) and keyword research tools
  8. Expert communicator (in English) who is able to give constructive feedback and help strategists craft industry-leading copy
  9. Good organizational and time-management skills
  10. Working knowledge of Google Analytics, HTML, and web publishing

Optional skills and experience:

  1. Native or near-native proficiency in one or more of the following languages: French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean
  2. Interest in internet security, privacy, and tech (general)
  3. Hands-on expertise with WordPress, Contentful, or another CMS
  4. UX copywriting skills and/or experience with usability testing
  5. Some understanding of technical SEO techniques
  6. Agile project management


Note: Please do not include any salary or compensation information on your resume  

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