We’re looking for a talented editor with a strong grasp of what makes for good writing. You’re not simply adept at grammar, spelling, punctuation, and following house style. You also know how to restructure, streamline, shorten, simplify, clarify, punch up, and improve. When you edit something, you don’t just fix what’s wrong with it: You make it more authoritative, more engaging, and more pleasant to read. 

This role will contribute heavily to our content creation and broader marketing strategies and provide an excellent opportunity to join a rapidly growing industry with other talented professionals.     



  1. Edit a range of content, which may include website landing pages, blog and social media posts, marketing and advertising copy, technical support articles and tutorials, company communications, customer support scripts, video scripts, and app interface text.
  2. Contribute to our writing efforts as needed.
  3. Under the guidance of our Senior Content Manager, help mentor a growing stable of locally based and remote copywriters.
  4. Pivot seamlessly among voices: From sales to instructional to persuasive to corporate communications and back again. 
  5. Work with our existing team to strengthen our strategy for improving organic search rankings to maximize sales and positive brand exposure
    • We’re passionate about being thought leaders in our industry, so not all pages will be designed to make sales, but all should contribute to our overall branding.
  6. Be comfortable prioritizing, measuring and communicating progress, as well as defining goals and objectives.  

Your success metrics include

  • Sales and web traffic generated by the content you edit
  • Conversion rates of your landing pages and sales copy
  • Quality and speed of project delivery

Required Skills

  • Fluent or native English speaker
  • 2+ years experience as an editor, a proofreader, or a writer responsible for editing others’ work 
  • Strong command of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation (U.S. English a plus)
  • Familiarity with following a style guide, such as AP style or an organization’s house style
  • Broad-based knowledge allowing you to spot errors across an array of topics
  • Excellent fact-checking and research skills and a desire to “get things right” 
  • Experience collaborating with writers, designers, SEO specialists, and researchers
  • Ability to break down technical subjects for a non-technical readership
  • Attention to detail combined with an ability to see the larger picture of our business objectives
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills

Optional skills

  • Experience writing landing page or blog copy
  • Knowledge of web analytics or a keen desire to learn
  • Experience with A/B testing and other testing metrics
  • Experience hiring and managing remote team members


Note: Please do not include any compensation details on your resume

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