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Our mission

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Here at Network Guard, we envision a digital world that’s private and secure. We make cybersecurity software for consumers to use on their computers and phones.

Every day, people in over 180 countries rely on our industry-leading software and services. Our software is also bundled with millions of devices sold by top computer manufacturers.

We’ve been at this for a decade. We’re profitable and growing. Now we’re looking for more developers, product managers, and marketers to join our team in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Ready to level up your career? We’ve built just the place for you. Come be part of our mission.

At Network Guard, we ...

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Empower teams

Our culture of autonomy empowers teams to own their work and make an impact.

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Strive for quality

We practice continuous delivery to put superior products in the hands of our users.

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Grow your career

We are committed to your professional growth and invest in your learning and development.

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Earn user trust every day

Our users trust us to protect their privacy and security online. Every choice we make must deliver on that promise.

Meet the team

Lisa, Product Management Lead

I love taking an idea brainstormed on a Post-it and building it into something really awesome. Doesn’t hurt that we have an incredibly intelligent team dedicated to creating products that positively affect our users’ lives.

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Justina, Project Manager – Content

Working at Network Guard is fun. Every day I learn new things and solve interesting problems with smart people. I’ve learned tons about creating great content, project management, and SEO, among other things. I’m lucky to work with people who are generous with their knowledge and fun to work with.

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Gordon, Software Development Manager

Network Guard is open to tech stack choices. We’re not married to any particular technology. We get to pick the right tools for the right job. And code quality matters here. We treat TDD and code reviews very seriously. I like the challenge of designing scalable and highly available systems for a fast-growing company. The ping-pong table and pull-up bar are a nice bonus!

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Jameel, Software Developer

I love the work culture here. People are valued, and work-life balance and career development are actively encouraged. Every day is filled with fun banter, collaborative design and development, ping pong, and food. I get to work on things I'm interested in with some of the most amazing people in the industry. This makes every day busy and at the same time quite fulfilling.

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We've got you covered

Competitive pay

We value your ideas, skills, and expertise. Great work deserves great compensation.

Work-life balance

Flexible hours mean you’re excited to come to work and get things done every day.

Have fun at work

Our fun and collaborative work environment gives you room to be creative.

Excellent medical coverage

Comprehensive medical insurance keeps you happy, healthy, and productive.